Sunday, April 22, 2007

Owensboro Biking in the News

There has been a rash of articles in the M-I about biking lately, which is good. Their was a feature on OPD's bike patrol officer training, a decline in bike registrations with the OPD, and the hotly debated bike lanes proposal. on 10 April 07, the a forum on the City Connections proposal to stripe 30 miles of bike lanes was cancelled so the City Commission "can consider how to proceed". Now, City Connections will be discuss at the next city commission general work session, scheduled for 8 May.

According to the 18 April edition of the M-I, the city Community Development Department was going to present a revised plan for bike lanes along Owensboro roads by June after contacting and soliciting feedback from residents along the proposed routes. However, 3 days later it was reported that the City Engineer, Joe Schepers, will specify a policy for where bike lanes can be placed on city streets. He may recommend that lanes only be included on collector or arterial streets that are wider and busier. This would be similar to steps Louisville and Lexington have taken when adding their bike lanes. It will be interesting to see how the City Connections plan changes. Hopefully the M-I will continue to provide awesome reporting on this issue. Stay tuned!



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