Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Night Ride

I thought I was going to take it easy tonight, but it turned out to be a good ride. I tried to hang on to one of the groups, but after a few miles got dropped. Then I was caught by another group and ended up riding with in with a new rider and another guy who pulled us in. I still ended up averaging about 18.8mph. That was a nice surprise! It was a good day to ride.

Today's Mileage: 18.5 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 263.74 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 736.26
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.45


Hilliard Lyons Health and Fitness Classic

Quality Bike Shop 48k Bike Ride - A 28.8 mile fun bike ride. The flat to rolling hills course will start and finish on the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus. It heads south to Utica and back to campus. It was a comfortable, overcast morning and then it started to rain just as I got back into town. It felt good to cool off and then the lightning made me finish strong.

That afternoon I played trumpet at a performance with the Owensboro Community Band while the Health Expo and registrations were going on.

I was back for the Owensboro Medical Health System 5K Run/Walk. A 3.1 mile run or walk starting on the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus, running through the neighborhood around the Healthpark and finishing in Steele Stadium.

Today's Mileage: 32.84 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 245.24 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 754.76
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.45


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Stretching my legs

Was feeling a bit antsy, so finally got out for a ride. it was a tad hot, though, so the ride was cut short. went out at 1:30pm and it was a balmy 96.

Today's Mileage: 16.2 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 212.4 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 787.6
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.56

Monday, June 22, 2009

Feels Like...

...106 at 5:30pm as I was heading out to the Monday night ride. The actual temp was only 96 degrees. An hour later, after dodging lightning strikes and riding through a downpour, the temp was 78 degrees and felt like 81 and soaking wet. My bike did need a wash, though, so something was accomplished.

Today's Mileage: 3.36 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 196.2 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 803.8
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.66


Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakewood Valley Triathlon

It was a hot and muggy morning. This was my third year doing the local triathlon and it had the largest participation yet - 240 people! Once again, my cheering section was in town - thanks Mom! There were lots of familiar faces and some new ones doing the race for the first time. The swim was a challenge, despite no currents or waves, other than the wake of people passing me. This year I managed to stay ahead of the 2nd wave, except for the speed demons.

When I got on the bike, though, I didn't feel totally comfortable and that spelled trouble, since that is my strongest leg. I had also forgotten about all the "rolling hills", or maybe I blocked it out from years past. I did not forget the mile long ascent, on one of the hills, though. From what I heard, lots of people had trouble with that one this year. Must have been the heat!

The run, again, is a trail run around the lake. it would actually be a very nice hike, if I hadn't just swam and biked. However, I was almost done, so I gutted it out for a photo op and then limped my way through the run. I wasn't hurt, but didn't have enough in my legs to run much. I finished, though. Most of my friends had great times and enjoyed themselves. I did, too, but my time did not improve and that was a bit disappointing. There is always next year, though.

This weekend's Mileage: 800m swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run
2009 YTD Mileage: 192.84 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 807.16


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bike to the Park

It was a Wednesday evening and I wanted to stretch my legs a bit before the big Lakewood Valley triathlon on the weekend. I headed down to Jack C Fischer Park on the Greenbelt and then decided to try out the new leg which goes South from Schiffley Park through MidAmerica Park. When I got to Tamarack I followed that to South Griffith and then back home. It was a nice little ride.

Day's Mileage: 11.11 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 177.84 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 822.16
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.68

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

David Yewell St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children Trek XII

Today was a perfect day for a bike ride, especially one for a good cause. This trek is a fundraiser for the St Joesph's Peace Mission. St. Joseph's is a shelter for Neglected, Dependent and Abused Children, Pregnant teens and Sibling Groups. This trek is 13 or 20 miles from Calhoun to West Louisville. I rode with a couple of friends from the Italy trip last December and saw many friends along the way and at the party after the ride/walk. We did the 20 mile route and then felt good enough to ride the 13 mile route back to the cars. It was great fun with good people and a good cause.

Day's Mileage: 34.42 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 166.73 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 833.27
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.58


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monday Night Ride

It was nice to be able to ride tonight. Had a good turnout, too. This Sunday is the David Yewell's St Joseph's Peace Mission Trek from Calhoun to West Louisville. It'll be my first time at this event, but it's reputation precedes it and it is very good.

Day's Mileage: 18.5 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 132.31 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 867.69
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.52

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