Saturday, June 07, 2008

First Century (metric)!!!

Today was the Big Rivers chapter of the American Red Cross Ride for the Red. I felt rushed getting there, but I was ready to ride at 7:30am when we took off. The weather was hot and windy! Temps were in the mid-to-high 80's and winds were 14-18 mph. It felt like the wind was in our face most of the ride. The first SAG stop ran out of water and Gatorade, but the other 3 were well-stocked, thank goodness!

Somehow, I managed to average 15 mph and my ride time was 4 hours and 9 minutes. With all the SAG stops, I was done in about 5 hours and enjoying water and burgers at Waymond Morris Park. I felt okay after the ride. We'll see how I am tomorrow. I'm ready for a nap, now!!! Next week is my first triathlon of the season - Lakewood Valley.

Today's Mileage: 62.2 miles
2008 YTD Mileage: 236.3 miles
Miles to reach 2008 goal of 750 miles: 513.7
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $3.88



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