Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Night Ride

I thought I was going to take it easy tonight, but it turned out to be a good ride. I tried to hang on to one of the groups, but after a few miles got dropped. Then I was caught by another group and ended up riding with in with a new rider and another guy who pulled us in. I still ended up averaging about 18.8mph. That was a nice surprise! It was a good day to ride.

Today's Mileage: 18.5 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 263.74 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 736.26
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.45


Hilliard Lyons Health and Fitness Classic

Quality Bike Shop 48k Bike Ride - A 28.8 mile fun bike ride. The flat to rolling hills course will start and finish on the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus. It heads south to Utica and back to campus. It was a comfortable, overcast morning and then it started to rain just as I got back into town. It felt good to cool off and then the lightning made me finish strong.

That afternoon I played trumpet at a performance with the Owensboro Community Band while the Health Expo and registrations were going on.

I was back for the Owensboro Medical Health System 5K Run/Walk. A 3.1 mile run or walk starting on the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus, running through the neighborhood around the Healthpark and finishing in Steele Stadium.

Today's Mileage: 32.84 miles
2009 YTD Mileage: 245.24 miles
Miles to 2009 goal of 1,000 miles: 754.76
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $2.45


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