Monday, June 23, 2008

OBC Monday Night Ride

I joined the Monday night ride at Panther Creek. I took last week off after the triathlon and my mom's visit. It was good to be back with the group and we had good weather for the ride. We took off and I did one lap of the hills and then another flat lap. My legs were sore or tired, but I survived and still average 17.1 mph. The other good news is that the Owensboro Bike Club jerseys are in!!! They are available at Quality Bike Shop for all who order them. Here's what they look like:

There was also an article in today's M-I about Bike Lanes. We had funding available and the city passed on it because they had to study it some more and the engineering dept placed restrictions on the width of roads that could have lanes. I think that was a bad idea to leave money on the table. However, our very own Claudia Roberts is trying to organize a rally at the City Commission on the 3rd Tuesday of July. All bikers are encouraged to show up and show the City Commission that we want safe bike lanes throughout the city, not just the Greenbelt and that bike riders are not all drunks who have lost their licenses, but actually students, professionals, and active people who enjoy safely riding around the Big O.

Today's Mileage: 23 miles
2008 YTD Mileage: 277.7 miles
Miles to reach 2008 goal of 750 miles: 472.3
Avg Price of Gas in the 'boro: $3.90

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